Healthy, nourishing baby food for your bubbas. Made with love by Melbourne mums, using organic wholefoods and superfoods. Packed with nutrition, frozen fresh, and delivered to your doorstep.

healthy baby food recipes

Using only the freshest, seasonal and organic ingredients, Bubba & Bean allows you to have wonderful wholefood meals ready at your fingertips. Designed by a Nutritionist, this is the most nourishing, convenient, fuss free baby food you will find in Melbourne.

Easy Combos

(6+ Months)


More Texture

(8+ Months)


Mix ‘n’ Match

(10+ Months)


Finger Food

(Coming Soon)


100% fresh, natural wholefoods.

Bubba & Bean creates wonderfully nourishing meals for your bub, made from the freshest ingredients and prepared with love. Our recipes are designed by our certified Nutritionist, so you can be sure your baby is getting maximum nutrition at each meal. Using 100% natural ingredients, delicious wholefoods and nutritionally-dense superfoods, these honest meals are the closest baby food you can get to cooking it yourself.

Fuss free, stress free, guilt free.

Parenthood can be busy and overwhelming, and fitting in the time to buy, wash, chop, steam, puree and partition meals is never stress free. So let Bubba & Bean do the work for you – we provide honest, simple, delicious, wholesome baby food, frozen for your convenience, just like if you made it yourself.

Healthy baby food choices start here.

Wholefoods and home cooked baby food is undoubtedly the most nutritious option for your family. Feeding your children right from the start will create healthy habits and help them develop a life-long love of wholefoods.

healthy baby food recipes


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