Welcome to the Bubba & Bean Blog

Welcome to our baby food blog, an honest and informative account of the ongoing journey to nourish our little ones.

As if navigating motherhood isn’t challenging enough, there is so much conflicting information available about feeding solids that is causing unnecessary confusion and stress. So here you will find some simple tips, unique experiences and heaps of information about nutrition for babies and toddlers. It will teach you the basics and give you the confidence that you are giving your children the best nutrition possible for their optimal growth and development.

Nourishing your babies is easy and fun. Written by qualified Nutritionist Viv. Enjoy, and I hope it helps!

Baby-led weaning

What is Baby-led weaning? “Weaning” means moving a baby from a liquid to a solid diet, which usually begins to occur between the 4-6 month old mark. “Baby-led weaning”, as the name suggests, means introducing solids at your baby’s lead, letting him feed himself and thereby controlling what’s going on

Tips to avoid fussy eating

As a Nutritionist, my biggest fear was having children that are fussy eaters! Seriously, my personal favourite food is broccoli, so what if my kid doesn’t like greens??! My world would end haha. So I’ve done a lot of reading on preventing fussy eating and trialing different tricks and approaches,

Snack ideas for babies and toddlers

Healthy snacks should be a staple in the nappy bag, and we all know they are a godsend when we have a cranky, impatient, 'hangry' toddler in the doctor's waiting room, on a plane, or when you just need to have an uninterrupted conversation with someone for 5 minutes! However

A quick lesson in Nutrition – it’s all about balance

Food is a celebration - it creates joy, laughter, conversation and community. The experience of having a meal together, sharing plates of homemade goodies, lively conversations and family traditions – this should be a daily occurrence in a household, and it nourishes the body and the soul. Nutrition for children

Beginners guide to feeding solids

Yay! Feeding your babies first foods is a real milestone! You’re at roughly the 6 month mark (some babies will want or need solids earlier), and congratulations you’ve made it this far! Bubba is far more interactive and his little personality is starting to shine. He might be sitting up