Baby Food Recipes

Making your own baby food can and should be easy! Here are our favourite baby food recipes to get you going. By using only fresh and natural wholefoods, you are ensuring your little ones are getting 100% nutrition, without the added nasties often found in store-bought options. And most importantly, you are creating healthy habits from the beginning and a love of wholefoods that will last a lifetime.

Babies First Foods (4-6 months)

Starting solids is such fun! It’s a great activity for you as a family, and a wonderful learning experience for young babies. Once you have decided your baby is ready (somewhere between the 4 and 6 month mark, and your Maternal and Child Health Nurse can help you with this), just give it a go.

Rice cereal is a common first food choice, however it certainly isn’t the only (or the most nutritious!) option, and you can skip it of you prefer. Our favourite first foods include mashed avocado, steamed mashed pumpkin and other lovely, smooth wholefoods.

Once you have tried a few of these single food options and ruled out any allergic reactions, you can progress to some simple and delicious combos. Our first baby food recipes below are full of wholesome goodness, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats to support optimum nutrition and development.

Please see our blog post for more info on introducing solids.

Developing Tiny Tastebuds (6-8 months)

Baby is now ready to experience some different textures, more complex flavours and some protein. Single foods for too long can be boring for you and for your baby, so be creative and try new things. Below are some lovely and easy baby food recipes to try.

Remember there is no wrong, and bub will tell you if he doesn’t like it. And you might even be surprised at what he WILL eat. Milk should still be the main source of calories and nutrients, so a good idea is to feed solids 30-60mins after a milk feed so as not to ruin his appetite for milk.

Breakfast Menu (8+ months)

Breakfast is an important meal, and can be a great way for the family to eat together at the table. It should however also be quick to prepare and stress free, without compromising on nutrition. The below fruit and veggie recipes are great to make in bigger batches and freeze in ice cube trays, then simply defrost a few in the fridge overnight, ready to grab and go the next morning. Serve with porridge, yoghurt or wholemeal toast fingers – yumm!

Lunch and Dinner (8+ months)

These baby food recipes include more texture and more flavour, using different types of protein, veggies, legumes, grains and fats. They are the foundation for a balanced diet, and are full of a variety of nutrients your baby needs. Early on you may still want to blitz or mash these meals, but as baby gets older it is important to slowly add more lumps and texture to encourage chewing and develop the muscles needed for speech. If your baby is insistent on self feeding – don’t despair. Check out the blog post on healthy finger foods.

Finger Foods

Some kids just like to feed themselves, and this is a good thing! Self feeding encourages independence and confidence, not to mention it frees up mums hands for other things. Whether a snack on the run, or some healthy meal options, these finger food options are sure to be family favourites.

Got any questions about our baby food recipes? Please contact us, we would love to hear from you!