Meet Haley & Viv.

Hi! We are so glad you’re here and wanting to find out more about us. We’re two passionate first-time mums and die-hard foodies. We love cooking (and eating!) and want to help all new mums out there give their babies the best start possible by providing the most amazing healthy baby food you will find in Melbourne.

Every mum has the best intentions for their baby, aiming to cook everything themselves and feeding only homemade, healthy baby food. But reality is a little different, and we totally understand that life can just get too busy and overwhelming to be super mum, and everybody needs a back up plan! However, currently all the grab-and-go options in the supermarket are restricted to ultra-pasteurized squeezy bottles or jars filled with sweet smooth strangeness (you just can’t call that food) and processed grain snacks covered in sweet fruit syrups.

So this is where we come in: Bubba & Bean provide REAL, handmade, wholesome, nutritious, truly healthy baby food, just like if you made it yourself. Frozen fresh into individual portions that you can easily grab and offer your baby, completely confident and guilt free.

Viv is a certified Nutritionist and Haley grew up in the lovely farmlands of Gippsland – so it’s fair to say we both care a lot about what we’re feeding our families and where that food comes from. We’re passionate about spreading the love for wholefoods and promoting healthy food choices at a young age. And we sincerely hope that Bubba & Bean can make your journey of parenthood slightly easier, so you have more time to spend enjoying your loved ones.

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Naturally nutritious. No nasties.

Our healthy baby and toddler meals are designed by our certified Nutritionist, so you can be sure they’re packed with all the nutrients your little one needs and more! We choose the best organic ingredients, and combine them with nutritionally-dense superfoods to create delicious and nourishing flavour combos your little one is going to love. Plus, all our meals are unpasteurised, unprocessed, free from added sugar and super convenient to serve. Fuss and guilt free!

Fresh. Convenient. Delicious.

After lovingly preparing delicious meals that tiny tastebuds love, we quickly freeze them for maximum freshness and convenience. And without the use of preservatives or additives, they’ll last in your freezer for up to three months. Simply defrost one or several cubes depending on how hungry your little one is, then heat up when it’s time to feed your babe. You’ll love having fresh, nutritious meals on hand whenever you need one.

Good food choices start here.

So much growth and learning happens in those first few years, and it’s so important to fuel your baby with the best nutrition possible to set up a strong immune system, well functioning gut, healthy nervous system, and thriving body. Not to mention good eating habits! Feeding wholefoods and incorporating delicious superfoods, spices, colours and textures creates a broad palate and fun eating experience for the whole family. With Bubba & Bean you will give your baby a healthy start and help them develop a life-long love of wholefoods.