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Quinoa & Mixed Greens

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Quinoa – rich in protein and minerals, a low GI ancient grain that is a great alternative to pasta or rice.

Mixed greens – kale, broccoli and baby peas – full of minerals, chlorophyll, and antioxidants that prove that ‘greens are good’!

Real, organic butter – a small touch of fats is important for babies health, cell and brain development, and weight management.

A favourite in our Mix’n’Match range, this one goes well with virtually anything – a meaty sauce, some creamy veggies or even on its own. And incorporating green veggies into a young child’s diet is important not only from a nutrient perspective, but also to build tolerance to vegetable flavours and textures.

75g per serve. 8 serves per bag. = $2.50 per serve.


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Product Description

Quinoa and Mixed Greens is a Bubba & Bean favourite: a true superfood combination. Quinoa is a fantastic ancient grain, unprocessed and unadultrated, and full of plant based proteins that are easily digested and assimilated. It is also rich in the spectrum of minerals, including magnesium, phosphorous and iron, all of which play an important role in virtually all systems of the body and metabolism. Combined with kale (rich in magnesium and iron), broccoli (containing the anti-cancer compound indole-3-carbinole) and sweet peas, this meal or side dish ticks all the nutritional boxes. Finished off with a touch of creamy, real butter adds a small amount of fats and fat soluble vitamins to complete the deal.

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