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Strawberry Coconut Chia Porridge

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Strawberries – little powerhouses of vitamins and antioxidants. Great for overall health and a strong immune system, super high Vitamin C.

Oats – high in fibre, B vitamins and beta-glucan, which promotes healthy cholesterol levels.

Coconut milk – lots of good fats that support brain development, healthy cells, and keep bubs fuller for longer.

Chia seeds – additional fibre, help detoxify the gut, and also contain more good fats.

A really yummy breakfast dish to ensure bub receives a big nutrient hit to start the day. It will fill his belly with goodness, and provide energy he needs to learn and grow and play! Add a splash of water or milk to loosen, or add some unsweetened, natural yoghurt for an additional protein hit.

75g per serve. 8 serves per bag. = $2.50 per serve.


Out of stock

Product Description

Porridge is such a classic breakfast favourite, but finding ways to spruce it up and keep it interesting is vital. The combination of wholegrain oats with lovely coconut milk create a creamy combo that kids love. The oats are rich in B vitamins for energy production, as well as fibre to keep kids fuller for longer. Plus the good fats from the coconut also help ensure that bellies are full, ready to tackle the day. The sweetness and slight tart flavour of the raspberries give a delicious freshness, plus add all those lovely vitamins and antioxidants nature has on offer. And finally, the addition of chia seeds, a little superfood seed, boosts the protein content, omega 3s and fibre. What an amazing way to start the day!

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